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Convert mmHg to torr - Conversion of Measurement Units.

1 Torr = 0.999999857533699 mmHg 1 mmHg = 1.000000142466321 Torr The difference between one millimeter of mercury and one torr, as well as between one atmosphere 101.325 kPa and 760 mmHg 101.3250144354 kPa, is less than one part in seven million or less than 0.000015%. Online calculator to convert millimeters of mercury to torrs mmHg to Torr with formulas, examples, and tables. Our conversions provide a quick and easy way to convert between Pressure units. 1 pascal is equal to 0.0075006156130264 mmHg, or 0.0075006168270417 torr. Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results. Use this page to learn how to convert between millimeters of mercury and torrs. ››. その中で、mmHg(ミリメートルエイチジー)とTorr(トル)という2種類の単位が使われているのが圧力です。 mmHgミリメートルエイチジー もともと圧力はmmHgという単位が使われていました。.

Torr a Milímetros de mercurio. Convertir entre las unidades torr → mmHg o consulte la tabla de conversión. torr Torr a Ambientes físicos atm atm Ambientes físicos a Torr torr torr Torr a Bares bar bar Bares a Torr torr torr Torr a. Milímetros de mercurio a Torr. Convertir entre las unidades mmHg → torr o consulte la tabla de conversión. mmHg Milímetros de mercurio a Ambientes físicos atm atm Ambientes físicos a Milímetros de mercurio mmHg mmHg Milímetros de mercurio a Bares.

Pressure unit conversion between torr and millimeter mercury 0 C, millimeter mercury 0 C to torr conversion in batch, torr mmHg conversion chart. Note: Fill in one box to get results in the other box by clicking "Calculate" button. 1 Torr = 1 mm Hg A menudo aquí en busca: tabla de conversion de unidades de presión, convertidor de la unidad, conversor de divisas, calculadora en línea, conversion de a por Pa pascal, conversion de a por hPa hectopascal. トル torr(Torrとしない) 記号 Torr(torrとしない) 系 メートル法 量 圧力 SI 約 133.32 2 Pa 定義 10 1 325 / 760 Pa [1] 由来 標準大気圧の760分の1の圧力 語源 エヴァンジェリスタ・トリチェリ テンプ. The torr symbol: Torr is a unit of pressure based on an absolute scale, now defined as exactly 1/760 of a standard atmosphere 101325 Pa. Thus one torr is exactly 101325/760 pascals ≈ 133.32 Pa. Historically, one torr was intended to be the same as one "millimeter of. 760 Torr Millimeter Mercury 0°C: Millimeter of mercury is a small pressure unit which represents the pressure pushing down due to gravity of any volume of liquid mercury which is 1mm high. It is widely used, and its value is approximately equal to a pressure of 1 torr.

Conversion Torr to Millimeter of mercury mmhg The torr symbol: Torr is a traditional unit of pressure, now defined as exactly 1/760 of a standard atmosphere, which in turn is defined as exactly 101325 pascals. Thus one torr is. Un milímetro de mercurio es aproximadamente 1 torr, que es 1/760 de la presión atmosférica estándar 101325/760 = 133,322368421053 pascales. Torr y mmHg 0 C se consideran a menudo idénticos. Para fines prácticos a 5.

圧力の単位、mmHgとTorrとは? 読み方は? 看護に役立つ.

Torr: The torr the symbol: Torr is a unit of measurement for pressure, but it is a non-SI unit. It is defined as the ratio of 760 to 1standard atmosphere, approximately equals one millimeter of mercury. 1 Torr=133.322 Pa.

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