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Formal Semantics Fall 2007 Gottlob Frege’s “On sense and reference” Sophia Malamud •When we say “A is B” or write “A=B”, what do we mean? Possibilities: 1 “this object is that object” 2 “the sign A means the same thing as the sign B”. Gottlob Frege's On Sense and Reference Gottlob Frege’s On Sense and Reference Über Sinn und Bedeutung, 1892 is concerned with the question of how the sense or mode of presentation of a sign is related to the meaning which. Gottlob Frege 1848-1925 is considered the father of modern logic and one of the founding figures of analytic philosophy. He was first and foremost a mathematician, but his major works also made important contributions to the. Meaning and Information, Gottlob Frege’s Sense and Reference, Intension and Extension in Epistemology January 2, 2018 January 3, 2018 bobodoyle Uncategorized In response to a commentor’s question, today’s lecture is more Great Problems and Metaphysics than Free Will.

2014/11/24 · In ‘On Sense and Reference’ by Gottlob Frege and ‘Knowledge by Acquaintance and Knowledge by Description’ by Bertrand Russell, both Frege and Russell put forward a descriptivist theory of proper names inspired by. On tap this week is likely the single most influential paper in the philosophy of language, Gottlob Frege’s “On Sense and Reference” Über Sinn und Bedeutung, originally. Informative Identities in the Begriffsschrift and ‘On Sense and Reference’ This paper is about the relationship between Frege’s discussions of informative identity statements in the Begriffsschrift and ‘On Sense and Reference’. The.

On Sense and Reference Excerpt Gottlob Frege 1892 Equality gives rise to challenging questions which are not altogether easy to answer. Is it a relation? A relation between objects, or between names or signs of objects? In my. Gottlob Frege's Sense and Reference 1. Theory of Sense and Reference Gottlob Frege 2. Frege’s puzzle: “The Puzzle About Identity” How can ‘a=a’ convey anything different from ‘a=b’? What treatment of. RUSSELL'S OBJECTIONS TO FREGE'S THEORY 137 RUSSELL'S OBJECTIONS TO FREGE'S THEORY OF SENSE AND REFERENCE By JOHN R. SEARLE IT is commonly supposed that Russell adopted the Theory of. Frege’s theory of sense Jeff Speaks August 25, 2011 1. Three arguments that there must be more to meaning than reference 1 1.1. Frege’s puzzle about identity sentences 1.2. Understanding and knowledge of reference 1.3. Opaque.

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